I visited Tokyo for 2 days!

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Mar 28, 2015 21:48
I visited Tokyo for 2 days!
As for what I did there,I went to Tokyo University and talked with the students there.

In case you don't know what kind of university it is,Tokyo University is the best university in Japan and the students can learn a lot of things that they are interested in on a quite high level.

I talked with some of the students there and they impressed me a lot.
I used to think that the students at Tokyo University were more stoical and all they say would be things I can't understand.lol
However,they were actually really nice!

Also,I used to have a image of them as geniuses by nature. But through this experience,I realized that they are just the same humans as I am.lol
They are just hard workers who make every effort to make their dreams come true.
"working hard" sounds so easy but that's exactly what they can but I can't.
(They are of course geniuses though.lol)

I want to be like them!:D