2011/03/20 diary

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Mar 21, 2011 16:00
I went to Idaho this weekend to attend the Buddhist service called "Ohigan".

03/19 Sat

I went there by airplane in early morning. It was complicated for me to buy a ticket by myself because in domestic airline, there are a lot of difficulties For biginer, especially Japanese, which means that people hardly take the domestic airplane in America, you would be confused if you had some troubles.

After arriving Idaho, I ate pancake in breakfast at 10 am. After breakfast, I dropped py a kind of community center in Idaho. There were a lot of people who were folding Origami which is Japanese traditinal paper. They were making numerous "Tsuru" to send to Japan as a charity. I percitipated it and made some Tsuru. Acutually, I had forgot to fold Tsuru because since I was child, I never played Origami. So, some American taught me how to make it. Although I'm Japanese, I was taught Japanese tradition by American, so I was embarassed.

After that, I took part in a Buddhism study class at Idaho Oregon Buddhist Temple.

After that, I ate dinner and went to a bar with my friend. During the bar, I met guy who is a collecter of guns. After I got along with him, he invited me to shooting tomorrow's after the service. I replyed that I said yes.

I returned an inn and I slept at 10 pm.

03/20 Sun

I woke up at 9:30 am.

The Ohigan service was held at 11:00 am.

It was the first time to attend the service as a minister in "Naijin" which is a Buddhist sacred room.

I read a meditation reading. I was nervous but it was OK.

After that, The guy took me to a hill to shoot the gun. This was first time to play shooting and it was difficult.

Aftr that, I came back to Berkeley by Airplane.

I love Idaho and I really appreciate that my friend gave me an opportunity to meet people in Idaho.

It was fruitful weekend.
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