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Feb 14, 2013 00:18 英語
I have three aspirations during my aspiring doctoral studies.

1. To study a deep doctrine of compassion for practical propagation of Shin Buddhism through researching basic philosophy of Shin Buddhism propagation, attitude and history.
2. To restructure “the practical model of propagation” I brought up in my master thesis more practically.
3. To research a skill of propagation and communication through a fieldwork of outreach for non-Japanese by using my experience studying abroad.

My ultimate goal is to apply the theme of practical propagation of Shin Buddhism in the world of Buddhist academia.

1 真宗伝道の基本理念・姿勢・歴史を研究し、真宗における伝道の実践的研究を行なう。その際に、その源理論的となる慈悲について研究をさらに深めたい。
2 修士論文で提示した「真宗伝道の実践モデル」を、さらに実践的に再構築したい。
3 留学の経験や実地調査をふまえて、外国人のための布教や情報伝達の技術を研究する。