A new car:

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May 4, 2010 04:47

Mike would like buy a new car. Then he chose with care a good store, after a search detailed. He needs good prices and credit facility.

The Red Mountain, seems a good store.....

Mike entered and saw many cars there.... with various models, sizes, years and prices.
The salesclerk approached him and says...

- Good morning, sir. Would you like buy any one these cars?

- Yes, I would..... this car!

- This blue car, sir?

- Yes! How much this car? Is it a Honda Civic, year 2000? Is correct?

- Yes, it is! You can pay this car by 45.000 Dollars. But, for you, we can offer many payment forms. As for example: By installment, check or credit cards.

- Good... I like this car, but I cannot buy in cash now, however... If I pay by installments is more easy for me to buy this car.

- Ok, sir... with four parcels, twelve or twenty.... You choose.

- With twelve is good and interesting for me. Is better, because I can pay!

- Well... come with me sign the contract, sir!

Then... after signed and read all the documents, Mike goes to home with his new car... a beautiful Honda Civic blue!!
Today, Mike is very happy!! He realized a dream.... to have a new car!!