My trip to Fortaleza (My dream!!*-*)

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Mar 11, 2010 05:00
I wish to choose for my next trip, Fortaleza city because is a very nice place.
There are many beaches for to relax, the weather is very excellent, with more sunshine, more hot and the people are receptive with the tourist.
the culinary is very excellent and delicous. There are various dishes with fishes,lobster and shrimp.
in the morning, we can to rent a boat and browse beside on the coast.

In the afternoon, I prefer go to the handcraft fair, for to buy lace and sweets. I want to visit too the colonial architecture, the churchs and another landscapes.
At the night, I would to prefer to watch a tipical folk group on the municipal theather.
I hope stay some days and enjoy on the warm sun and the sea!
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