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Mar 20, 2017 05:15
Information technology companies, traditional factories technique workers are not qualified work in these companies because higher education background and skills requirements. Moreover, it expand the gap between and poor. For companies rely on information technology management and service, the executive management always much higher than manual workers. Additionally, although outsources works bring increasing number of jobs to the Third World countries, there is not everyone share that benefits, in particular, immigrates workers from these countries rural areas. Globalization push these countries industry change, people are no longer depends on agricultural produce support their life but they are seek for outsource factories job. Increasing number of jobs and economic pattern changed and makes urbanization expansion. More and more people struggle for high house price, education imbalance and experience decrease life quality. In particular, immigrants workers from remote countries, they are confront in house price and high living expense pressure. All in all, advanced countries and developing countries does not expand its middle class but expand the rich and poor gap in the globalization.