Group studying is beneficial to students since they can obtain more...

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Jun 26, 2013 14:05
Group studying is beneficial to students since they can obtain more information from discussions and improve their ability of cooperation. Working together is a pattern which students can raise questions and share different ideas to each other. When they face various difficulties, they may overcome them together. Thus, I agree that they will learn more effectively than working alone.

Firstly, cooperation can make students work together and finish double tasks in the same time. In a studying group, there are different kinds of students with various abilities or skills. Therefore, working together may provide them with an opportunity to cooperate with others. Some students, for example, may have the ability to gather information from Internet or books. Others may have skills to make or design PPT. They can cooperate mutually, finding information by some students and designing project presentation PPT by other students. From their cooperation, they can do many things in the same time, and every student has their own responsibilities which he need to do their best to fulfill. Therefore, working together makes students cooperate and they will work together effectively.

Furthermore, discussion makes students obtain more information and solve problem in shorter time . When studying, they will have many questions and confusions on the project. Studying group will provide them with a condition to discuss with each other. When they have various confusions, they may raise their questions which group members can discuss together. As we know, different people will bring out diverse opinions and various ideas. Through working together, students may obtain more ideas and options from other students. Perhaps, from a simple word from another student, one will have a better idea. Moreover, students are able to learn much more from discussion. For instance, they may think questions positively and reflect on mistakes made by other students. It is a good opportunity to learn and improve. Accordingly, through discussion they may solve problem more efficient than working alone.

All in all, I agree that working together will learn more effectively than working alone. Although working on projects alone can offer an opportunity to think independently, cooperation and discussion make students work more effectively since they can face difficulties together and shorten working time.