The most fearful experience in my life!!!

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Jun 29, 2013 12:08
Yesterday,my jaw was suddenly dislocated when I yawned!!! It was the first time I'd experienced it in my life. Therefore, I didn't know what I should have done for it!!!! Anyway,it was one of the most fearful experiences I'd ever done!! I know how fearful it is so I'll never yawn not to dislocate my jaw again!!!! Have you ever been dislocated your jaw!?
By the way,I had a job interview yesterday and I had to speak in English!!! I'm really glad that I was able to do my best!!!! Although it was a job interview,I was very happy that I had an opportunity to speak in English!!!!!

What are u going to do this weekends? I'm going to cook "dumpling" tonight!!!
昨日、あくびをした時に突然、アゴが外れました!!! それは私にとって人生で初めての経験でした。それゆえ、私は何をすべきかわからなかったです。とにかく、それは人生で最も怖い経験の1つです。私はどれだけアゴが外れるのがどれだけ怖いか知っているので、もう二度とあくびをしないでしょう。 あなたは今までアゴが外れたことがありますか?

皆は週末何をする予定ですか? 私は今夜、餃子を作ります!!!!