The secret of what everything really goes well.

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Aug 18, 2016 20:25
This is the story of a pastor who I respect as he was in high school.
In that time, most parents didn’t want their children to go to church or to be a staff
in Sunday school activities as college entrance exam is very important.
However the pastor and his some friends made up their mind to serve themselves in
Sunday school, because they definitely believed that God would give them a good result , if they did the two roles hard simultaneously.
Even though they did two roles in studying and serving in church very hard, they couldn’t enter the department which they wanted to major in.
One friend who wanted to major in economics had to go to Chinese department, and
Other two friends who wanted to major in English had to go to Russian and Vietnam department.
At that time, majoring in Vietnam and Russian was not popular as the two nations had
no trades with Korea.
They were regarded as losers in people’s view. So pastor and his friends had to be silent in this humble result.
However when they graduated from college, a miraculous event happened.
The soviet union was collapsed and many interchanges with China and Vietnam happened. The international situation was totally changed.
Then many big companies competed to recruit them with a high salary as there weren’t many people who major in those languages.
Don’t say about failure imprudently. God only knows of failure.
The true success is to rely on God and be his child.
Now is the time to decide on which you should rely on.