The duty of class leader.

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Aug 3, 2016 20:28
The memory of my class leader scolded by a teacher for our fault in our class in the school year came up in my mind out of blue.

Though he didn’t make a fault by himself, the reason that he got scolded was the role he has to make classmates be quite and prepare them to get class in the atmosphere calm down.

Only with the scene, that makes students reflect and calm down.

God made Israelites represent as the leader of all nations.

And he claimed that even though other nations live for their greed, you have to live as what I say.

Israelites were responsible to have other people follow God. However they got spanked for not following what God say.

Christians are a leader for people who don’t believe in God.

Christians shouldn’t close their eyes for people got stuck by adultery and who live in their greed.

God must rebuke us , who are leaders , for leaving them as they do.

If Christians lead the community which they are in well, God praise us for the good job.