What makes him changed

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Aug 15, 2016 20:54
Calvin, a worker in a construction site, got fired as he was addicted in the drug and got his family in a deep trouble.
The church family which his wife goes to pray for his family and her husband by asking
her wife’s request.
One day Calvin woke up for a baby’s crying. He was searching in everywhere in his home but he couldn’t find where the crying came from.
Suddenly an idea that once he get a nap then it will be the last came up in his mind.
He ran into the church where maybe his family was because of the scary thoughts.
When he entered in the Church, all the church members were praying with tears.
“ God lead Calvin to here, wherever he is “ “ God, you can do it “ “ Set him free from sin.”
When Calvin approached to the members, the pastor who was praying shouted “ now
he is here, Thank you God”
Calvin knelt down and he couldn’t control his feeling that he bursted into tears with joy.
As Calvin prayed “ Jesus, I don’t want to die. I need your help. Please come into my
life and set me free, his all family got close to him and prayed for him.
From that time, Calvin living a new life became a good gospel singers later.
Prayer is the powerful instrument which touchs the one who control the world.
If we pray for neighbors who suffer from sin and a corrupt nation and ruined churches,
the prayer will restore hopeless lives and corrupted communities.