Did you enjoy "Hanakin"(花金) ??

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Jul 19, 2009 01:55
Hi guys!!

Did you enjoy "Hanakin"(花金) yesterday??

"Hanakin"(花金) means the night before holidays.
It's omited "Hana no Kinyoubi"(花の金曜日).
We use "Hana no"(花の)(= like flowers) to express something beauty or hapiness and so on in Japanese.
In my opinion, it's a kind of old expression, bud we sometimes use as revival.
And "kin"(金) is Friday in this case.

Almost Japanese office workeres take halidays on Satday and Sunday.
Is it common all over the world??
We feel like that "We can be drank more, because we don't have to wake up early tomorrow!!" at the night before holiday.
So we call it "Hanakin"(花金) with a feeling of freedom.

Then I went to a pub like Brazilian near my office with my colleagues at last night.
Some of them danced with waitresses wearing costumes for carnival.
I enjoyed "Hanakin"(花金) soso.

How about you guys at last night??
Please tell me what you did and What is the pop about how to enjoy on "Hanakin"(花金) in your country.

good night☆

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