This is my first diary here.

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Jul 15, 2009 00:08
First, I really want to say Thanks to you guys who corrected my last diary.
Thanks your helping!!

Yesterday, the PC software which the team have developed was came out.
Incidentally, I belong to the team to develop the PC software.
So today, I was not busy like until yesterday.

After work, I bought skin lotion and emulsion.
I love to make up my fice, so I go to a beauty counter to check new cosmetics.

I took a lesson in English with my cousin at local family restaurant.
My teacher is a woman who is beautiful, kind and clever.
I learn something's important except English every lessons.
She is the one of women I long for.

Anyway, It's 24 o'clock nearly in japan.
I have to go to bed early because I will have to work tomorrow.
I'm gonna take a bath!!

then good-night☆