Did she walk?

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Mar 30, 2019 16:27
Did she walk? or didn't she walk?
I was confused.
When I read the following two sentences a friend from Lang-8 wrote a few days ago, I felt it was an interesting.
(They are two of her sentences)
She's not Japanese and has been studying Japanese.
She can write a good Japanese.I often correct her post.
Her Japanese are pretty good and her English is useful for me.

(B)Two years ago, I went to the Sakura Festival, but I did not go to see the trees.

When I read (A), I thought she walked to see other things like sky, people, buildings, so "she walked."
after reading (B), I thought she might haven't walked to see anything.
She went there, but she did something like eat, show around, etc.
There are various nuances of difference between Japanese and English.
I have to study it.

I'm sorry I have to go now.
A friend of mine attack me.
It always says "I'll give you a good information for your eyes", so I thought it was a good friend, but it was not.
I didn't realized it was a trap. It had been attacked my eyes. I'll complain about Google. lol