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Bonjour,(my favorite greeting)
I love studying languages. The written portion that is. I want to move to the native country in order to force myself to learn to learn speaking and listening. So I have quite a tour of many years ahead of me. I have studied Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Thai, French, Korean and tidbits of quite a few others. That is the order from most to least time studying. Spanish is an exception I have picked it up from working with mucho latinos in Oregon, Florida and California.

I believe punning is the highest usage of language. If you can say one thing and mean another and have your meaning understood then that is true communication and laughter. Punning also requires a much higher level of thinking since you have to understand a language on a many levels. Though some of my favorite puns are interlingual. Then your are thinking internationally. Trying to find the most meanings that apply in a potential pun is of the highest regard.

私の世話をしてください (google translator) "please take care of me" & 仲間-なかま are my favorite to expression I've learned in any language. Putting your trust in other, such as this website, is most mature thing humans can do despite most people having preconceived ideas, pretentious, about everything. "You never know until you find out."

My personal communication code:
1. Honest in everything, especially your self.
2. Never take anything personal or make it personal
3. Listen
4. You never know until you find out.
5. A clean ship is a happy ship.

Gratis(my favorite form of thanks)

My major intersts Mangaまんが, cycling (velo), Sailing, Freediving(although I can't enjoy it much now since I get a sinus squeeze), and learning styles &/or teaching methods.

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西班牙学习用中文 With native lang

我可以一点儿用西班牙文。 我也可以一点儿用中文。 现在,我可以用中文学习西班牙语。 duolingo.com/course/es/zh-CN/在线学习西班牙语 他们没有课程的普通话。还没。 天天,我将实践西中牙语。
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  • Mandarin 
Jul 17, 2017 08:31 西班牙 中文

花生的咖啡 With native lang

昨晚,我买一公斤花生。然后我是一点儿吃了。它们有香味的甜牛奶。在午夜我睡觉, 但我不可以睡觉。我玩麻将两小时在我的电话。我仍不能入睡了。早下四点时候我可以睡觉。 我想它们有咖啡喝牛奶。今天,我不要一点儿吃上五点时候。
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Dec 15, 2016 01:47 花生

我们可以演算口说 With native lang

大家好!我是老师在新Popon。 我们有演算口说和演出本的阅读。也,学生的选课英文他们想要。 我们需要很多人有电话。不客气,你们用我的11MMTH。
  • 402
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  • Mandarin 
Sep 13, 2016 19:45

签证什么? 或 最好的签证什么? With native lang

》您好, 》我住在夏威夷。我想一个签证。我是经营在互联网。我可以住到在这儿或在那儿。 》我想住到在中国。 》您的帮助寻找最好签证是很帮。 》谢谢您, 》 》为什么洛杉矶的电邮是Hotmail? 它是我的小电邮。我问中使馆:我是自雇在联网。他们阅读第一个句子...
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Oct 21, 2015 11:48

我想一个学校的创业无锡市。 With native lang

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May 30, 2015 10:58
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All Skype users, let's chat! You can't learn a language without actually speaking it. ...