horse meat

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Oct 22, 2011 08:52
I traveled to Kumamoto last weekend.
Kumamoto is famoust for a big castle and Mt,Aso.
My friends were also looking forward to eatting horse meat.
It is one of Kumamoto's special foods.
The most delicious eatting is to eat raw horse meat with soy sause.
It is called Basashi(馬刺し).
There were many resturans to eat horse meat.
It has special smell and texcture.
To decrease the smell is ginger.

When T told it my English teacher.Her face looked weired.
She said to me, ' I can't eat it. It is almost as same as to eat dogs and cats.'
I can understand her statement.
But there are so many different foods cultures in the world.
Japanese has food culture to eat Wheals.A few people eat dolfinns.

I wondered how difference between beaf and hores are.
Isn't difficult to understand different food cultures ?