Some people believe that teenage years are the happiest time in one...

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Jun 1, 2013 12:27
Some people believe that teenage years are the happiest time in one's life while other think elders enjoy better. In my opinion, I prefer the former idea as I think younger means you still have a lot of time for dream.

On one hand, teenagers have the happiest time. Firstly, they don't need to worry about money which their parents have prepared for them. Almost all the parents would try their best to fulfill their children's wishes. Secondly, utilize most of their time in gathering knowledge to enrich their intellectual capacity and also get sufficient time for working out, which is a reverie for many adults who work all day long and have very little time for their own. Finally, they have time to have a dream of their future. However, some students/parents would complain the heavy homework and the endless exams which occupied all their free time for hobbies. But I think that is affordable and students still have long holidays between the school terms to relax and their hobbies and dream.

On the other hand, some people think adults' life is happier in spite of greater responsibilities. They can earn the money to buy what they want to have, because they are using their own money. As they had finished the school and gained the required certifications for the job, they no need to worry about the exams any more. In that case, adults can have more time to cultivate their own hobbies. But unfortunately, in current fast pace world, many people cannot enjoy the life outside work and being occupied in work for a whole day, until mid-night, in order to keep their job and earn the money to support their daily life.

In conclusion, I think young generations have the happiest time because they no need to worry about the daily life and have time for dreaming.