It is more important for a building to serve its purposes than to look beautiful. Architects do not need to worry about whether it is a real work of art.

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Jun 10, 2013 22:31
When it comes to the issue that what is the most important factors of a building. People's view differs from person to person and culture to culture. Some individuals hold the view that good looking is mroe crutial to a building. Others believe that it is more important for a building to serve its purposes. In my opinion, we should pay more attention to the building's function.

It is true that a beautiful building looks like more cosy and make citizens more comfortable. People who see the building might be improving their aesthetic standards. Moreover, as tourists, they might love this city due to the remarkable building. Thus, many persons can not help attracted by this and than they might go back to there twice or more. That would be booming local economy. However, is it possible? Is it really attractive? Many travelers might not be surprising at the building owing to lack of devices and not useful. So I still agree that more useful and convenient equipments is more important than good looking.

For one thing, the essence of a building is that it should be used friendly and include technology tools to assist in applying. That means more helpful and functional. A host of updating facilities could more convenient to people. You can image that when a tired person who just want to look for a place where he or she can take a break and drink something. And then he or she find a beautiful building, meanwhile, he believe that there will suit him or her. But the person is disappiont due to no complete devices. Thus, good look is not practical for people.

In addition, more focus on serving its purpose could guarantee the safe of the building. We all know the catastrophy of Yaan. That is a disaster to every people who live there. According to a recent survey, those buildings in Yaan were more cared about appearance and were ignored its purpose result in this consequence. From this event, we can know that without ignoring the purpose of establishing buildings, this tragedy would not be inevitable.
In sumerize, I take an attitude that it is more important for a building to serve its purposes.