I think Japanese is a language that we can increase patience becaus...

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Jun 13, 2013 17:27
I think Japanese is a language that we can increase patience because our word order. In our language the verb comes at the end, so you can't understand what Japanese people want to say if you don't listen until the end. In the case of Spanish, even though you don't hear until the end, very early in the sentence we can predict more or less what the speaker wants to say. Therefore, here in Spain, almost nobody hear the people until the end, on the contrary if you hear all their story, then the next person already start talking, so you will lose a chance to speak for ever.

But in the conversation with Japanese people, we have to have patience to hear until the end. No matter how you are in a hurry, no matter how you want to say your opinion, no matter how you want to start talking about the other thing, you have to wait with patience until the end.

For example: あなたの事を思って朝まで眠れなかったという訳ではない。It dosen't mean that I could not sleep untill the morning thinking of you.
It is very Japanese, and there is a habit to speak hiding important information at the end of the sentence.
People say, Japanese people are patience, I think it is because our Word order.