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Jun 26, 2013 18:17

On Friday evening, I went to the city with Japanese friends because we would eat dinner. We ate Japanese food. Then a cake had been carried to the table suddenly, and everybody celebrated my birthday. I was surprised. I didn't know this surprise! They gave present for me and they said "Happy birthday!!" I was very glad and was not able to sleep at all at the night of the day.

Next day, I woke up 10 o'clock. My friend called me and she said "Let's make a lunch together in my house!" I went to my friend's house with materials. The day's lunch was sandwich of avocado and a tomato and the roast beef. It was good. After that talked a lot so it was night. We went to the city because to eat dinner. We ate dinner at 7 o'clock at Japanese restaurant. It was delicious.

On Sunday, I didn't go anywhere because it was rainy so I was so boring