Soybean Milk

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Oct 26, 2017 11:45
When I was coming back to my home after work, I was lethargic and dizy.

It seems that because I reduced a cooked rice of breakfast by two third and I left a lunch a half on purpose.

As I was exhaused, I dropped by a convenient store on my way home, then I bought a sweet soybean milk.

When I was choosing it on the shelf at there, I felt that something wrong might happen to me.
(거시서 두유를 고르고 있을 때, 어떤 나쁜 일이 일어날 것 같았다.)

Anyway, I opened the bottle and was beginning to drink it.

Then, I felt some weird thing was coming to my mouth. I spitted it on my palm, which was seems like bean pod, or something.