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Dec 8, 2013 23:18
I got a call today from my old friend who are my alumni of high school.
He said, "tomorrow is my birthday, I called our many friends."
Since we met lastly, as I have not seen them for a long time, I said, "Yes, I will attend".
Our appointed place was a cafe, called 'drop top'.
After a few mintutes of agreed time 7PM, I arrived the place.
I entered into the cafe and went up to second floor.
It looks like there wasn't any empty table, I looked around for finding my friends.
It seems like any friends didn't came here yet.
By sending a message to friends " where are you guys ", I went out to entrance of this cafe.
When I waiting in front of entrance, I saw one guy entering this cafe.
I felt like he might be my friend. As I haven't seen him for over 7 years, I couldn't initiate a conversation with him immediately.