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Jan 15, 2011 12:43
This is design dialogue from me and my panter.
I want to know where is wrong and the correct dialogue.
Could you help me, please!

A: Hi, Maya. How are you doing?

B: Pretty good. How's it going?

A: Not bad, listen. Do you know where the Consul affairs office is?

B: Sure, it's on Twenty-First Street.
Do you want to go abroad?

A:Yeah, I want to go abroad during winter vacation.

Excuse me, could you tell me how can I get to the Consul affairs office from here?

B: Oh, go up this street, when you get to the Twenty-First Street, turn right and go stright for about 2 blocks,
the Consul affairs office is at the end of the block, just past Spirit Clothing.

A:Ok, go up this street and turn right at Twenty-First Street, and go straight for 2 blocks.

It's beside the Spirit Clothing store.

B:That's it.

A:Could you please tell me when does it open?

B: It opens at 8am.

A:And...what time does it close?

B:I'm not sure. It seems like 5 o'clock.

A:Ok, I get it. Thank you very much.
You've been such a great help.

B:No problem.
Which country do you want to go to?

A:Not sure, maybe go to Japan.
What do you think of Japan?

B:I really like it. I love the stores especially for clothing.

A:Me too, and the Japanese food is very delicious.

They're fantastic.

B:But I can't stand the sashimi. It makes me feel terrible!

A:Me, neither.Taste is not good.

B:By the way, have you heard about the 海生館.

A:Do you mean the aquarium?

B:That's the one. Some of us will be going there for a visit this weekend.

How about coming with us?

A:Sure, I'd love to.

B:Great, I have to go to class.
So...I'll call you tonight and tell you the time,ok?

A:All right. Talk to you then. Bye!