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Aug 10, 2018 17:08


The trial of the great country the American and the women's circumstances in Japan

In America, the rights of women are completed and established. Fines, compensation, dismissal of duties, etc. are done on a large scale, ranging from women's assault, sexual harassment, power hurdling and verbal harassment. Currently 4000 children are missing in Japan, even doctors and teachers and assaults by civil servants, mainly doctors sieve full power, there are realities that are not fined or suspended. In Japan of male and female base, seniority is in line with the intellectuals and rights, there is a situation that preferential legal affairs are given to men such as civil servants. Beautiful women in rural areas are dangerous to walk alone. I go to the city and get a job to escape from disgusting families, neighbors, people around me. The patriarch system is still a Japanese tradition, the eldest son and boys can make calm clothing and shelter, but women have no clear space from the young. Even though it looks like peaceful Japan on television, there are many crimes and low crime, low theft, war violence and kidnapping occur frequently, and suicide is also the background of Japan.