Midterm break & An Interim report

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Oct 27, 2013 12:51
Hi, there. How are you going? I have a blast, but I miss my friends who is ELP and in Japan , and my family=( I wanna stay here but I also wanna go back Japan.
Well, I will write my latest news.

I had a thanks giving party on Oct 13th?maybe haha
I invited my Korean friends to that party! It was so fun, and they gave me birthday presents and message cards. Thank you guys, I'll treasure it!

Now I enjoy midterm break from Oct 19th to 27th. I went to Toronto, Niagara Falls, Quebec city, Montreal and NY! It was so fun, but our plan was so busy, so I slept whole day yesterday. I had a trouble and adventure. I will talk to you when I meet you. haha
Just so you know, I have to breath before doing something..haha

One and a half month till I come back Japan. Time flies. I focus on improving my speaking and listening skill. It coming to be better, but pronouns is very difficult. I have to continue to practice that.
I think my japanese skill is coming to decline...lol
sometimes it is difficult to talk in Japanese..lol
Anyway, I will do my best the rest of my life in Winnipeg:)
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