If only - movie

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Nov 26, 2013 13:02
Samantha who goes to music college and Ian who is businessman are going out and love each other. However, he gives priority to work than to take care of his girlfriend and often forget promise with Samantha. For example, he forgets about her graduation concert.
One day, on his way to go her concert, he met a weird taxi driver, and Taxi driver guesses the problem between Ian and Samantha right. That's why Ian asked him how to love her. He got good advice from taxi driver, but after the concert, in the restaurant, he argued with her after all, and she left restaurant and took a taxi. Unfortunately, she died because of car crush.
Ian regretted not treating her well and cried himself to sleep. Next morning, when he woke up, surprisingly, there was Samantha and the date is still yesterday morning. The same as experience he had happened, so he tried avoiding it and saving her.