Shodo / 書道

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May 19, 2018 15:02
I have a close French friend for seven years.
I got a nice message from her this morning.
It says, "I found a course for Japanese calligraphy, I thought of you did the demonstration of Shodo for us....I guess I'll try it"

She means when her family visited Japan and came to my office, I demonstrated them how Shodo goes.

I was so happy to get the message and I introduced her my blog that shows a simple explanation of Shodo.
そこには、「日本のカリグラフィー(書道)の講座を見つけました。 あなたが私たちに書道の実演をしてくれたのを思い出しました。たぶん、受けてみると思います。」とありました。