The Bears' woods

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Apr 22, 2013 10:22
When my son was a first grade of elementary school.
My wife would often put pressure on him to learn Kanji.
He had struggled with it.
He seemed that he hated learning Kanji.

While seeing him I wanted to help him, so I decided writing a short diary for him every day so that he could learn the pleasure of reading Japanese characters.
I wrote it using simple words.

He seemed that he enjoyed reading it after coming home from school.
Sometimes he added some questions on the notebook by his handwriting.
Soon after I read it, I always answered it.

At the result, my son and I started to write a diary alternately on the same notebook.
One day, I came up with an good idea of that we wrote a children's story together.

The title was "The bears' woods"
The hero's name of the story was "Senbei", and this was the notebook we used.