A loom / 機織り

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May 31, 2018 16:31
I made a loom for my granddaughter of 5 years old.

The other day, I have heard from my son that she got to like weaving when she enjoyed it at her kindergarten. 
Hearing that, I soon decided to make it by myself so that she can enjoy the weaving at home.

I searched much information on the loom and studied how it works. At first, I thought that to make a loom is a piece of cake as a toy designer, but I made light of it. 

Especially the mechanism of the heddle and the pitches of heddle were so tough to make. I failed two trial products. After the long consideration, I finally made it.

Still, I'm not perfectly satisfied with it, and I may challenge it again as I have a backbone as a grandfather of a designer.





特に、綜絖(そうこう)の機構やそのピッチは制作が大変難しく、試作を2度失敗しました。 さまざまな検討の末、やっとそれを完成することができました。