it has been a really long time...

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Jan 18, 2014 14:30
It has been a really long time since I wrote something in English but I need to be more confident in this.
I was listeng to this song and just got all these feelings...
This, you know, is what true love is all about. Be happy because the person you love the most is happy. Not just in love field, I'm talking about life. It is hard to do in the beginning, but you let people go, and watch them grow and be successful and you don't regret never the decision you have made, because you know you was the support they needed in the most precious moment when everybody went away. You sheer them up from the bleachers and tell them to don't stop believing in their dreams, in themself at the first fall. Love isn't selfish and this really shows that up. Amazing song, flawless job as always. I'm really proud of you. Congratulations 2bic, congratulations.