A rabbit and a hare are different.

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Jun 22, 2013 22:30
A rabbit and a hare are different.

I mistook it yesterday.

The rabbits has never lived before Meiji era.

We do not usually distinguish the rabbit and the hare.

It is interesting.

Well, Edo bakufu forbade citizen to eat meat.

However Edo bakufu allowed them to eat the hares and chiken.

End of Edo period began to import the rabbits.

They raised the rabbits when many samurais lost his job in Meiji era.

It spread until the common people.

The rabbits gave birth to a lot of rabbits, and it meat could eat.

The skin becomes the fur, and bait gave the leftover food.

The expensive rabbit was as much as 1,500,000 yen.

The Meiji government taxed the rabbits,but did not stop its force.

Many rabbits gave birth to many rabbits,and Prosperity due to the rabbits was the end.