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Testimonials from friends

Nana is really great at English (but surely, you can see that for yourself) which in turn inspires me to study more Japanese! Not only that, her entries are always really interesting and it goes without saying that she's also really kind and selfless as she has already made so many corrections! I'm really glad to be friends with her. :D
Shizuhi 장혜영
Satoko-san is one of my lang-8 friend who never fails to leave a comment on corrections! I feel that she really cares about the journal entries she reads, and the friendship that blooms from that is something more than just corrections will ever be. Most of her journals are also very eye-catching! She is a patient, open-minded person whom people can warm-up to. I’m very fortunate to have her as my friend!
I'm always happy when Satoko comments and corrects my entries, she's great! I hope that we can contace through Skype oneday!!:)
This lang-8 account is inspirational. Or maybe Satokoさん is just a very inspiring woman herself. Satoko, I admire you and you inspire me! I hope these words make you happy. Your efforts are not wasted~
Nanaさん actually cares about people learning. She is easy to chat with and puts a smile on my face with her journals. I'm glad and feel fortunate to have her as a friend. 勉強してる人はななさんがいつも心配してくれる。ななとチャットしやすいし、僕はななの日記を読んだらいつも微笑になるものだ。ななさんと友達になってよかった。
Satokoさん is a very kind-hearted woman. She cares about the other that she always try to reply in every comment even in her busy time. She also have corrected entries in tremendous number. And I don't know what is the reason, but she always success to make me smile when read her comments. There is no doubt about her English skill, she deserved to get A+ score. Thank you very much for being my friend, Satokoさん.(*^ワ^*)
We share the same Username!☆ hahaha I really enjoy chatting with her! She is very helpful and always explains things thoroughly. She wonder if she's a good teacher, I say "Yes! %100!" hahaha Thank you for all your help up until now~~♪ お疲れ様~♪ m(_ _)m

She is very bright and motivated. She writes some of the most interesting posts on this site. Kindness is something that she never fails to practice.
She's very kind, helpful and cares a lot about her corrections being as useful as possible to the person learning. Thank you very much for all your help and encouragement.

I have never known anybody like her on Lang-8 and even other places. She is such a hard worker and devotes a lot of time to help people who are studying Japanese and she even helped me to get started again! She is so nice, pure, and very kind. I'm glad to be back to Lang-8 and to be able to talk to her again! Thank you very much for your kindness :)
I never knew about this testimonial section, but you will be my first post. One of the best members on this site!
A very helpful and kind person who always correct my work for me. Thank you very much! ^^)
Nanaさん is a very nice and caring person and she has helped me a lot. Thank you very much Nanaさん.
She is very kind, and a very good japanese teacher. Thank you so much!!
Nana-chan is a very kind person <3. She is so close to fluency, but she can learn something so quickly, so it is no surprise. She has a very kind heart, so don't be scared to ask her questions!
richards elliot
As most people have already stated it, thank you very much for everything and especially for your kindness ^^
Nanaさん gives me useful corrections. I think she's a great, helpful, kind-hearted person~ ありがとうございます、Nanaさん。がんばってください!!
She's helped me with my Japanese a WHOLE LOT and is very kind ^^. I have no doubt she'll be able to become fluent in English :D

nanaさん ありがとうございます^^ 国人の名を漢字で書くのはかっこいいだと思います!
Nanaさん is really a special friend. Her positivity is infectious - I'm sure you know exactly what I mean if you're already friends with her! I always have a warm feeling whether I'm reading her entries (which are really, really interesting and written in excellent English - there's hardly anything to correct! ;)), or reading the kind comments she sends me. And there's absolutely no doubt that she is very, very eager and glad to help us learners of Japanese. Thanks so much for giving me the best of corrections, and for being such a great friend!!
Very helpful and kind, never hesitating to correct others' entries. Her passion for learning English also inspires me!

She is a very kind person and Very helpful^o^ Thanks for helping me with my poor Japanese:)
Very helpful and dedicated to language learning, I'm glad to have received corrections from her ^_^
Nanaさんis great!! She always help Japanese learners a lot.And almost write jourals every day.信じられない。偉い!!感心しております!!いつも私の日記を添削して、励ましていただき、どうもありがとうございます!