The Reason Why I Had Strong Grip (握力が強かった理由)  #1275

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Sep 13, 2014 22:38 EJ fact memory
When I was a university student, I lived in a small apartment and didn’t have a washing machine. I couldn’t afford to buy a washing machine, and I wanted to save money as much as I could. So, I washed my socks, underwear and small clothes by hand, and squeezed them tightly not to drop water from them almost every day.

When one of my friends asked me to join her research human subject and checked my power of grip strength, it was 47 kg and it made her surprized.

Have you measured your grip strength? And, how strong your grip strength is (was)?


皆さんは握力を測定したことがありますか? 何㎏ありますか(ありましたか)?