Choice Theory(グラッサー博士の選択理論 幸せな人間関係を築くために) #1635

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Mar 12, 2017 23:42 fact book(s)
I read a book titled “Choice Theory: A New Psychology of Personal Freedom” written by Doctor William Glasser.

It took a bit of time to finish reading book since there were more than 500 pages. However it was relatively easy to read even though it was a translted book from English to Japanese.

What I learned from this book was, in the nutshell, that “the person whom you can control is only you, and the only person who can control you is you.”

The term “Quality World” is explained, and it consists of three domeins: i.e., (1) the person whom you want to be with, (2) the thing(s) which you want to own or experince the most, and (3) Our thoughts, and/or beliefs which control most of our behaviours.

If you are interested in building up good relationships between others, I believe you can consider this book to read. ^^
選択理論の説明によれば、私たちが現実の多くを他の人と違うように見る理由は、別の重要な世界に関係がある。この世界は各々に特有で、上質世界(quality world)と呼ばれている。この小さな、個人的な世界は、誕生後すぐに各自が創造し始め、生涯を通じて創造し続けるもので、私たちの欲求を最も満足させてくれる具体的なイメージ写真によって成り立っている。
① 私たちがともにいたいと思う人
② 私たちが最も所有したい、経験したいと思う物
③ 私たちの行動の多くを支配している考え、信条