To advanced Japanese learners: Can you fix the mistakes in the Japanese sentences with English alternatives? (日本語の間違いを直せますか?:英訳付き) #1524

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Aug 7, 2016 03:45 For-Japanese-learners
Hello, everyone. I’ve been reading the same series of books which I introduced in my old entry. Today, I put the English sentences for each Japanese sentence which contains errors. Please try to correct the Japanese sentences, when you have time. I’ll show you the correct sentences in a couple of days after this entry. Thanks. ^^

(1) 日本のサラリーマンは、うちへ帰るとき和服に着替えます。
(They change into kimono when they return home.)

(2) 疲れるとき、お茶を飲みます。
(They have tea when they get tired.)

(3) 彼女が来る後で、お茶を飲みます。
(I will have tea after she comes.)

(4) お昼を食べましたか。はい、食べてしまいました。
(Have you had lunch yet?-Yes, I have.)

(5) お昼を食べましたか。いいえ、まだ食べたことがありません。
(Have you had lunch yet?―No, I haven’t.)

(6) 雨がやんでしまいました。
(It has stopped raining.)

(7) 病気が治ってしまいました。
(I have recovered from my illness)

(8) 祖父は20年間死んでいます。
(My grandfather has been dead for twenty years.)

(9) 何年間、彼女を知っていますか。
(How long have you known her?)