Jeff, Don’t Try to Contac Me Anymore! (もう連絡して来ないで!) #1439

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Apr 25, 2016 21:19 imaginary partner letter
I’ve been writing several letters to my imaginary ex-boyfriend. For more information, please visit my old entry below:

Dear Jeffrey,

I think this will be the last letter to you. I’m sorry for not having met you for more than one and a half years. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to reply to your emails or phone calls, either. As you know, I became really busy since I changed my career, and I could hardly find the time to contact you.

I just expected that you would wait for me until when I have time on my side. When I learned that you had gotten married the most beautiful coworker at your office and had a baby girl already, I felt I turned white as a sheet.

Please don’t say that you would divorce your wife and marry me on the phone and emails! If you do such a thing, I bet your daughter would kill me when she became an adult. Please let me forget about you.

Also, there is one thing I can never forgive you is that based on your daughter’s age, I learned that you cheated on me while I went on my first business abroad, right? Please don’t try to contact me anymore!

Without Love,