It seems that my listening skills have improved (リスニング力が向上したみたいです) #1535

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Aug 20, 2016 05:53 fact TOEIC
Today, I answered 100 listening questions again which were answered by me about five years ago. The percentage of my correct answers in 2011 was 76%, and that of today was 91%. When I answered questions today, I didn’t memorize any questions, by the way.

Then I checked my TOEIC score in November 2011, and I found that it was 770 points. My recent TOEIC score was 930 points.

To make my results easy to see, I’ll reorder my results below:
In 2011, my correct answer rate was 76% and TOEIC score was 770 points.
In 2016, my correct answer rate was 91% and TOEIC socer was 930 points.

Wow, interesting! Don’t you think the TOEIC can show the person’s English proficiencies pretty well? ^^