Isn’t there any other way to prove my love? (他に愛を証明するための方法はないの?) #1485

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Jun 28, 2016 00:58 imaginary lover letter
This entry is a continuation of my old entry here:

Dear Mike,

I didn’t expect that you had been crying again near the emergency exit door again with your umbrella opened. I wasn’t able to think of any good word to cheer you up, so I accidentally told my feeling to you.

I said “I love you (as a friend, so please don't cry).”

But you didn’t listened to the latter part of my word, right?
You immediately said, “Kiss me if you really love me to prove your love!”, or something like that before I finish saying my word.

I was a bit surprised and was embarrassed because you took my word differently, so I couldn’t. But, you closed your eyes and started waiting for me, so I kissed on your cheek very softly.

Should I have straightened up what I meant at that time? Also, wasn’t there any way to prove my love as a friend in a different way? ^^;





あの時、ちゃんと誤解を解くべきだったかな? それに、他に友達としての愛を証明する方法はなかったのかな?