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Oct 2, 2017 20:43 fact thought(s)
Today, I finished reading a book titled “Tatsujingaoshieru Nihongokyouikunouryokukenteishiken Kanzenkouryakuhou” written by Hideo Okada.

A good way to be a good Japanese teacher, we should think why a certain Japanese expression isn’t used even though it is grammatically correct, when we bumped into an unnatural Japanese expression.”

Also, when we correct such an unnatural expression, we should:
(1) To show the better expressions,
(2) To tell where the original expression can be used, and
(3) To show the differences between the original expression and corrected expression.

I’ve used Lang-8 for a long time, but I don’t think I did (3) so often. I thought I should those three steps as much as I can.



(1) 「こっちの言い方がベター」
(2) 「その表現はこんな場面ならOK」
(3) 「違いを説明する」

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