Did you have the time when you spelled like “goed” or “comed” as past tense forms of the verbs instead of spelling “went” or “came” when you were a child? #1971

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Oct 6, 2017 21:14 Japanese language fact
I read an explanation about “U-shaped development” in Japanese today.

According to it, native English speakers spelled correctly past tense forms of the irregular verbs when they were children first. However, when they studied the rule of how to form the past tense form of the regular verbs, they temporarily misspell the irregular verbs with applying the rule for regular verbs by adding “ed,” such as “goed”, “ccomed”, etc.

Also, the U-shaped curve can be seen amongst the second language learners. Although they were able to use the second language correctly, when they learn new rules, they temporarily cannot use the second language as they used to be.

Have you experienced the situation of the bottom of U-shaped curve? ^^