E37 Talking about personality traits (workbook) #1874

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Feb 6, 2019 23:24 Diplomat_Zone_E
There is a conversation at "Exercise 3" part.

Mike: Hey, do you know Karen Wright?
Taylor: Yes, but not very well. She doesn't look very friendly.

Mike: I wouldn't say that. I think it's just that she's a little shy.
Taylor: Maybe you're right. She does seem very quiet.

Mike: She is, but she has a fantastic sense of humor and she's very creative.
Taylor: Really? I love artistic people! Maybe I should ask her out on a date.

Mike: I didn't figure you for the romantic type. Just don't be too optimistic. I think she already has a boyfriend.
Taylor: Romantic? Me? Well, I guess compare to you, anyone is!

My student said that she didn't understand the meaning of Taylor's statement: "I guess compare to you, anyone is!" at (4).

I don't know that meaning either. Could you anyone explain the part "anyone is" means? Thank you for your help in advance! ^^
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