How to make "L" and "R" sounds #1792

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Jun 4, 2018 20:39 English_Café fact feeling(s)
I participated in an English Cafe last Thursday. In my group, there were five Japanese people including me, and one host from Nepal.

The host pointed out Japanese people's weakness in pronunciation of "L" and "R" sounds. He made us repeat pronouncing"River" and "Liver" many times. He emphasized that the pronunciation was very important.

After that, we talked about our sightseeing experiences in foreign countries. One of the participants said that she didn't have enough time to visit any sightseeing spots when she visited Australia.

Then, the host paraphrased using the expression "sort of time". Everyone didn't understand what he said.

So, I asked him like "You mean 'short of time', right?"

Then, he answered, "Yes, sort of time."

I felt like we should do tongue twister using, "She sells seashells by the seashore." ^^;