Looking Back My Life (人生を振り返って) #1477

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Jun 15, 2016 22:20 fact feeling thought(s) job
The other day, one of my bosses, Mr Y, gave me an extra number of his journal paper. He is going to retire by the end of September and I somehow recalled the memories both related and unrelated to him.

I was very lucky to be able to get a current job since I had been going to commit a suicide if I didn’t get a current job about 11 years ago. My direct boss at that time, Mr U, gave me enormous tasks and Mr Y helped me a lot. After that, other bosses also gave me tons of work to do which at first looked like I couldn’t handle with at all.

Now, I am still alive and I really appreciate every task I received. Because thank to them I was able to experience many things which ordinary people might not be able to experience. I should think I am lucky and I am happy. ^^