I think I’m not so much selfless as selfish (利他的というよりは利己的だと思う)#1640

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May 25, 2017 02:31 fact family feeling(s)
I’ve been using my cell phone about eight years now. My friends have told me that I should own a smartphone. However, I have not been able to make a decision to do so.

I had been given a coupon ticket from my cell phone company. So, I bought a cell phone using it as a gift of mother’s day this year. I also send a bouquet and some sweets for the mother’s day. I was very happy when my mom called up me happily to say thank me. ^^

When I chatted with my friend about it, she said I was selfless. However, the reason why I gave a cell phone is that I thought it should be convenient not only for my mom but also for me. I also wanted to see my mom is happy. I think what I did should be from more selfish reason than selfless reason.