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Oct 23, 2017 21:58 fact student(s) Lang-8
One of my students whom I had taught English for some months visited my place this evening. He said he had passed the entrance examination for a grad school and would be a grad student next year. He thanked me for having taught him English. I was grad. ^^

He has practiced input; listening to and reading English. So, I suggested that he should practice output; speaking and writing in English, too. He said he would post entries on Lang-8. I don’t know his ID here, but I guess his handle name should be “Ray”, “Rey”, “Rei”, or he might use “L” instead of “R.”

If you happen to see his entries here, please help him and befriends him. He is highly motivated to study English and he seems to want to practice speaking in English through Skype, too. ^^