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Nov 24, 2014 22:35 EO online conversation school(s) review VE
Hello, everyone! Long time no see! How’ve you been?

Since today, I’d like to post what I learned/practiced from my online English conversation lessons. My teachers made corrections but if you could add other expressions that you know, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you! ^^

24 November 2014:

I explained about one of Japanese fruits called Yuzu.

Yuzu is similar to a lemon, and is usually used as seasoning or flavoring. You can squeeze the juice on your fried chicken or grilled saury. It has fresh smell so it's sometimes used as a perfume as well.

It contains vitamin C, so you can prevent from catching a cold with having it. It also improves your blood circulation and increases body temperature. Also, its skin is used when you take a bath like bath additive especially during winter.