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Oct 18, 2017 08:20 fact Skype English conversation lesson(s)
I had reserved an online English conversation lesson for this morning.

When I booted my computer, I was able to log on to Skype as usual. Even though, the starting time of the lesson passed, it didn’t ring. So, I sent text messages “hello”, “hello?” and “Hello?” on the textbox three times putting in a bit of intervals.

However, my teacher didn’t seem to respond to it. So, when I checked my email account, she had sent me a message, asking if I received her message on Skype. So, I replied to her, no I haven’t, and I wrote that I had also sent her text messages, if she received them. She replied to my email and said no, sharing a link:

It seemed that there was a problem at Skype itself.

パソコンを起動した時、いつものようにスカイプにログインすることができました。レッスンの時間が過ぎてもコールがありませんでした。ですので、テキストボックスに、「hello」、「hello?」 、「Hello?」と間隔をあけて3回送りました。