This Is How We Broke Up Again #1729

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Nov 20, 2017 19:58 fact
Person C and I quarreled through Saturday to Sunday. I told him about the debts, let’s say, person M made this year and last year and what I did for her last year and what she had done for me as well.

He angrily said that what I did last year for her was just done by my self-satisfaction and it wasn’t fundamental solution! So, I explained to him about her situation that she hasn’t get married and she couldn’t depend on her baby’s father. Even though she wanted to make money to repay, she wasn’t able to do so at the time and there seemed to be no one she could consult with.

He also said that he hated such people who use revolving credit, they are just stupid or the lowest level of people. He hated such people and never befriended with them! So, I said that I supposed she didn’t know the system of revolving credit.

He also said he was disappointed with me because he had thought that I was more reasonable enough not to befriend with such a person! So, I said that, OK, he couldn’t marry such an unreasonable person, could he?

Also, he said that if I wouldn’t cut tie with her, he wouldn’t continue our relationship. So, I said, OK, we should end our relationship, then.

This is how we broke up.
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