A Letter by Express Delivery(速達の手紙)#1484

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Jun 27, 2016 23:59 fact thought(s) letter invitation volunteer work
I don’t usually answer the doorbell since I’m very afraid of high-pressure salespeople. When I was a university student, one of the most famous newspapers’ sales-man came to my home and he continued talking for more than three hours during the night and I finally signed the contract.

Anyway, last Saturday, I heard the doorbell but I didn’t answer it as usual. It appeared that it was a letter by express delivery. A post delivery man seemed to have just posted it to my letter box.

I opened it and it appeared that it was an invitation of a kind of volunteer work. It also said that if I could help them I should reply to them via internet since before doing that task, it said I need to take a training program. I’ve been waiting for the reply from them but I am also wondering it might be a new type of fraud to gain personal information.

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