Ketchup “LOVE” Made My Mind to Date with You(ケチャップの「愛」が私の心を決めさせた)#1430

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Apr 18, 2016 21:47 partner imaginary letter
I’ve been trying to write letters to my imaginary partner. For more information, please see my old entry:

Dear Jeffery,

I think you know this, but I didn’t want to be your partner. The reason for it was that I had been so afraid of losing you. If we were friends, there was no possibility for us to break up, right?

However, when I was sick and you came to my home and make an omelet for me, it changed my mind. I think it was a very old-fashioned way and I was so simple, or it was just because of a fever.

But, when I saw the letters “LOVE” written with Ketchup on the omelet you served, I strongly wished I would really love to live with you together.